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Poetry Day

Today, March 21st, is World Poetry Day.

So here are some ideas related to poetry that you can use in the classroom:

– Pick a poem that you liked as a child and read it to your students. Discuss the meaning of words and see how words rhyme even though they are spelled differently (rhyme/mime, rain/Jane…)

– Write a poem with the students! Give them a random word, easy to rhyme, like “air”,  and help them find rhyming words: bear, care, chair, compare, there, square… Then, in small groups, help them make up a poem using these words.

– Shape poetry! Pick an object, for example a tree, and ask your students for words that can describe it: green, tall, leafy, strong, small, colorful, old…  Using these words, write a short poem along with the students, and have them write it in the shape of the tree. Click here to see an example (extracted from this site)

(Click on image to see it bigger)

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