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FEDAC-Sant Andreu

We have received another submission, this time from Escola Mare de Déu de la Mercè, FEDAC-Sant Andreu in Barcelona. We thank them for taking the time to write!


Hola, sóc l’Helena, tutora del nostre assistent de conversa, el Kai Collins.

Quan em van encomanar aquesta tasca em costava fer-me a la idea d’una persona de parla anglesa voltant per la nostra escola. En pocs dies, no només em vaig acostumar a aquest fet, sinó que de seguida li vaig trobar els avantatges. És un luxe poder comunicar-nos a l’escola en anglès en el dia a  dia. Les nostres sales de profes han fet un canvi, s’han enriquit. Igualment s’han enriquit les classes, els passadissos, el menjador  i els patis… A l’Escola Mare de Déu dela Mercè, FEDAC Sant Andreu l’anglès ja no és només competència dels professors d’aquesta llengua, ara l’anglès és més viu gràcies a la presència del Kai.

                                                                                 Helena Giménez i Medina

Being a conversation assistant in Barcelona is the best thing I´ve ever done, especially in terms of work!

Since arriving here at the start of October I have settled into Spanish life even though before moving here I had never spoken a word of Spanish or Catalan. When first arriving I felt so excited by what the next year or more had in store for me and the excitement hasn´t dwindled. I am now living with my second host family and both have been amazing at helping me to become part of their family whilst still recognising that I am an adult and treating me like one.

Having never considered teaching before moving to another country and becoming one was a big step, and one that I´m glad I made, teaching children from the age of 3 to 16 is great as  every lesson is different and I never get bored of the same old class all day. The teachers at the school have been amazing at helping me teach in class and feel welcome. My tutor has been especially good to me helping me with anything that I need, such as taking me to the hospital for appointments as I am diabetic and introducing me to her niece who teaches me Spanish. Moving to Barcelona was the best decision I’ve made in a long time and I would highly recommend it to anyone (and already have!).

Kai Collins

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