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FEDAC Ripollet – Mare de Déu del Roser

Katherine and her tutor Montse have also emailed us to tell us about their experience and send us some pictures. Thanks a lot!


Katherine is a girl from Plymouth who has spent the whole course with us in FEDAC-Ripollet (Mare de Déu del Roser). To have had an English conversation assistant has been a good idea because the children have improved their listening and speaking skills a lot. She has practiced English with all the children in school (from P3 to Year 6)

Montse Barros (Katherine’s tutor)

I have been living in Catalonia since October now; working as a conversation
assistant in a school in Ripollet and I have to say that it is one of the best experiences of my life. Everyone out here is very friendly and I am really enjoying every moment.

I work in a primary school with children from the ages of 3-12. The students are very enthusiastic and really enjoy the challenge of speaking English (most of them at least!!). I have been made to feel very comfortable from the very beginning, being invited on various school trips and participating in all the school activities. The teachers are all really friendly, making the effort to speak in English and helping me in my feeble attempts to learn Spanish; they even put time for Spanish lessons with the younger students into my timetable.

With the students I usually take small groups of 5 or 6 students from each class every lesson for half an hour and revise vocabulary with them, talk about different topics, play games in English and go over grammar. Sometimes I also give presentations about life in England to the whole class and afterwards we talk about the differences between Catalonia and England. I have also been helping in the School Song Contest.

And I couldn’t have chosen a better family to live with this year if I had tried.  They told me I was in my own house from the beginning of October and are making sure that I see everything there is to see in Catalonia before my time here is up.

Basically this year has just been amazing and I will definitely miss Catalonia when I go back to England!

Katherine Weir

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