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Escola Vedruna Tona

Escola Vedruna Tona has been in the PAC for three years. They have shared with us their thoughts on the program, both from the tutor’s and the Conversation Assistant’s perspective. Thank you, Míriam and Sofia!


This school year, it was Sofia’s turn to come and help us with the oral part of the classes. As an English teacher in the school I had myself the chance to have her in my house for almost three months. It was a good experience for all the family. What I would like to stand out, though, is the effort I think they all have to do to adapt themselves to the cultural differences. It’s not only getting used to different habits in the street, but also learning and responding to a school very much different from the ones they might know, and different family systems every three months. Not an easy thing I guess. I do want to thank you all, and specially Sofia, for this effort, for your job among us.” (Míriam Duran)


I’m Sofia and I am the conversation assistant at Escola Verdruna Tona,a small town in the heart of Catalunya.

I work with both Primary and ESO students, so my days are always varied and interesting! The kids were a bit shy speaking to me at first, but they soon got used to me and now they really seem to enjoy speaking English!!  Sometimes I will take groups outside to do grammar or conversation activities, and other times I am with the whole class, explaining things about life in the United Kingdom. I also help out with I.T lessons, as they are taught in English at this school. This is fun, as the kids don’t realise they are working and therefore are always happy to be there!  I also get to join the children on some school trips: I have been to the theatre, a roman museum and Barcelona so far! The whole school and teaching staff are very friendly and I really enjoy working with everyone here.


During my first three months I lived with a teacher’s family. They were lovely and really made me feel at home, for example I would go to the grandparents’ house for Sunday lunch, or play football with the children. Their flat was in Vic, a city close to Tona. This was useful as I was able to meet the other Conversation Assistant there and got to know other people- we are now really good friends and spend most our weekends exploring Barcelona or the restaurants in Vic. I have since moved to Tona itself, which is a lot quieter. Sadly, the buses don’t run very often, so I only see my friends at the weekend, but I am keeping myself busy with Pilates and Catalan classes.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed the scheme, as I have met a lot of lovely people and have learned so much from this experience. Before I came, I had no knowledge of Catalunya, now I can say that I have truly experienced life in Catalunya.

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