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FEDAC Santa Coloma

Bazilio comes from the UK and has spent the last 6 months as a Conversation Assistant in escola FEDAC Santa Coloma. He has had to finish the Programme early, but the school want to share their good experience with us, so here’s what Bazilio wrote and some beautiful photos that English teachers Verónica and Eduardo sent along with the text. Thanks a lot!


How can I explain my time here? In a few words it is impossible to explain, but I can try and give you an idea of my experience.

7:00am my alarm goes off. I put it on snooze…..for 30mins. 7:30am! haha ok I need to get up now. If I’m not training for a cross country race or making pancakes for Pancake Day I don’t wake up until about 7:30. A ‘Good morning’. And I get ready.

 8:00am I have breakfast, sometimes with Pau, if I can wake up early enough!  My breakfast? usually something light.  Then I brush my teeth and at 8:45 I get the go ahead that ‘it’s time’ or ‘it’s time to put your things away’ from Pau.

8:50am I pass through a crowd of parents and children, sometimes mixing up who I should say Hola to and who I should say hello to! I enter the school thanks to Xavi and hermana Concha who usually let me in and out the school. A mix of bon dia and hello as I walk around the school.

9:00am Now it’s time to start the school day.  Since it’s not a Tuesday I don’t have a coordination hour with Edu and Veronica so I walk towards ESO. I get to the class and take a group of children from the class and we head to the reinforcement classrooms.  What activity should we do today?  Now I have been here for four months I can mix up activities, create my own, all depending on the group I am working with.

10:00am Next lesson. ESO. I just need to go to the floor below to collect the children from class.  Since it is not a special holiday and there are no reasons for me to stay in the classroom, so I take a group of children and we do speaking activities suitable for their level.

11:00am Break time! Or breakfast number 2? haha A little bit different from England this is a sandwich or baguette and a drink. Until 12:00pm I don’t have lessons, so I can sit in the staffroom and go on my phone to use Whatsapp, do some work or relax and talk to some of the teachers around.

12:00pm Next lesson! But this time a little bit different. I have to cross over to the primary. I can cut across through a classroom upstairs. Sometimes I stay in the classroom to do different activities with the children and sometimes I take them out the classroom. In any primary classroom I can always expect a high five, a hug or to hear ‘mira, que alto!’ haha.

13:00pm Lunch time! I head downstairs where I wait for Pau’s class to come down. I high five him and we head off home for lunch.

13:03pm we arrive home, we took a bit longer than usual to arrive back. The few minutes before eating are reserved for playing games or doing work.

13:20pm Lunch is ready! Yes! Today is my favourite, lentils with chorizo. We sit down for lunch put on the television and talk about how our days are going. Finished! But I can’t forget to eat some fruit.

15:00 And we are back in school for the last part of the day. Today I have P on my timetable which means its ‘preparation hour’ so I spend time preparing work. I already have all the material I need thanks to the teachers so I can sit in the staffroom and get on with my work.

16:00 Last lesson of the day. Sometimes it can be tiring to have an hour or two more than you are used to in a school day. But it is also the lesson that leaves you with a nice feeling.

17:00 Home time! I meet Pau in the usual spot and we head home. After school time is spent doing different things depending on the day.



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