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FEDAC Santa Coloma

FEDAC Santa Coloma has been in the PAC for four years. This year they’re hosting Roisin, a conversation assistant from Scotland. Both Roisin and her tutor, Verónica, have written to us and sent along some really nice photos! Thanks!



I applied for this program as I wanted adventure!  I was not sure what to expect upon arriving and was very nervous meeting my tutor and host family but I quickly settled in and now I feel confident and at home.  I work with 4–15 year olds, which is a very large spectrum but offers a wonderful variety of experiences.  I teach the youngest classes during P.E., translating words such as “jump” or “ball”.  In the rest of the classes I generally take small group of students to another room to practice speaking activities.  We play games and do pairwork in two teams, rising in complexity with age or ability.  This work is very flexible and I am allowed space to be creative or talk about subjects I feel important.


I also teach several private lessons during the week, again only speaking, where I talk to one or two pupils about various topics such as different accents or the environment and help them with schoolwork they are confused about.  I was worried about working in a school as I had a bad experience in my previous teaching work but the staff and my tutor are extremely supportive and I am very impressed at the effort they have taken to make me feel at home.


I feel like I have made some real friends here.  I am also staying with a family of four very close to the school and they have made me feel very welcome.  We have dinner together every evening which often lasts for a couple of hours as the conversation continues well after the food is finished.  The children are charming and funny and I help them with homework when they need me.  Knowing minimal Spanish before I came, I was worried about awkward misunderstandings but there has been very little to speak of!  I now know a lot more Spanish words (mostly to do with ordering coffee) and hope to continue to absorb the language and culture through “intercambio” and exploring the city.  Barcelona is beautiful and I look forward to seeing more of it as a resident.  All in all I am extremely glad that I took this chance and I am sure it will stand me in good stead for the future.



After reading this text, as Roisin’s tutor, I feel extremely good; it seems we are all doing a good task. I have to emphasize on the idea that she is really a very good conversation assistant, partner and even a friend. She tries to have a good relationship with all the staff and although her Spanish is already a basic one, she is able to communicate with everybody.

 All the teachers feel also really comfortable with her and it is only for a term she is with us!!!!! So, we already have two more terms to go on enjoying the experience, having fun with her and improving our English Language as well.

 As regards the children, they are also really happy about this chance of having Roisin among them.

Escola Voramar


We are Susan and Rosa from Voramar School in Barcelona.

I’m Rosa, Susan’s tutor this year. I’m one of the English teachers at secondary and I also do French classes and I’m in charge of the Language Seminary at my school. Since Susan’s arrival we’ve been working together in different things, and our students have been enjoying the activities she’s prepared so much.

What we like the most about Susan is her character and personality. She’s always very kind to everybody at school and even the teachers who had never spoken English before, feel like speaking to her!

Our first project together was HALLOWEEN. She was working with our students from 5th Primary to 4th ESO above all on the differences and things in common between our cultures on that day. Eventually, she decorated the hall of the school ( we leave you a few photos of it).

Susan decorated the school hall for Halloween

Halloween activities


And now, Susan’s thoughts:

I’m Susan and I’ am enjoying my time here in Voramar school. I have felt very welcomed by all the students and teachers, everyone is very nice and they are helping me to learn some Spanish and Catalan. I love the students they are friendly and at times very funny!   I like to learn about their culture and compare the differences and similarities’ between both are two countries. I tried my first Castanyes (conkers) and panellets which are eaten around Halloween time here in Barcelona and they are very tasty. I recently have been focusing on our traditions in the UK and USA for Halloween and how we celebrate it and why. I found that here they have a bigger lunch or (Dinar) than the UK which is also very tasty and I also found out that at Christmas or (Nadal) that here they have a log called Tió which they place presents inside of, then on Christmas morning children sing and hit it with a stick until the presents come out. I found this to be the most different of the traditions but also a very fun one.

Escola Pia Balaguer

Pamela is a Conversation Assistant at Escola Pia Balaguer. Her tutor, M. Àngels, has sent us a nice interview that the students of 6th grade, guided by their English teacher, prepared to get to know Pam a little better.

Click on the image or here to watch the interview!

Thank you, M. Àngels, Pam and 6th grade students for sharing this activity with us.