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Escola Pia Moià

It is the third year that Escola Pia Moià takes part in FECC’s Conversation Assistants Program. Escola Pia Moià is an Infant and Primary school and this year they have Rachel, from the UK, helping the students improve their English. Rachel works with kids from three to twelve years old, and they really enjoy their time with her.

Thank you for writing to us and sending along some great photos too!


DSC07681 (Small)

After graduating from Northumbria University I decided I wanted to be a teacher. As you all know PGCE’s are not the easiest to get onto and most universities are looking for committed and skilled experience. As well as this, I was happy to be out of education for the time being and maybe take a ‘gap year’. I wanted to travel and experience different cultures. When I first came across the CAPS program I immediately thought ‘yes this is perfect’ and I was correct. IMG_0386 (Small)I didn’t just want to move abroad and work in a bar or a restaurant with loads of tourists, I wanted to immerse myself into the a different lifestyle. This program would not only fill my travelling ambition but also helped me gain the experience I needed.

I’ve been situated in a town called Moia, which is north of Barcelona. At first I was worried that I wouldn’t like the small town life style as I was so used to the big north cities of the UK, but I was wrong. Moia maybe a small town but it’s got lots of exciting stuff going on and the people make it so welcoming. I’ve been working at Escola Pia Moia primary school with children aged 3-12. Everyone at the school has greeted me well and made me feel very welcome. Living in a small town it’s hard not to see people you know everywhere and each time I do they always greet me with a smile or an “Hola”. I work along side the English teacher here at the school. We work together planning lessons and activities for the children covering the curriculum. Each class is very different and some may me challenging that others but it’s very rewarding when you see the children growing in their vocabulary of your language. The classes with the younger children are some of my favorites. They are constantly so excited to see you and always so enthusiastic to play the games and activities. It took me a while to learn all the children’s names but now I’m pretty sure I know them all (Although the pronunciation is a little dodgy with some). The time passes very quickly and I’m not just talking about the days, it’s hard to believe I’ve been here for four months already. I’m very much looking for to the next five. It will be a very sad day when I leave I’m sure.

IMG_1402 (Small)Living with three host families is something I first thought would be a very enjoyable and easy to adapt to. It’s not until you live with the families (for me the first family are people who I cherish closely to me and I know we will remain very good friends) that you realise how easy it is to get comfortable and attached to a family. Leaving the first family for me was very difficult and even now I’m finding it hard to find myself as ease and at home again but of course this is all apart of the experience. When I first moved here I was very sure I was open with myself and to other people, I’m not a shy person but moving into a house with a family can at first be very daunting, but you can only make it a positive experience for everyone if you want to.

IMG_0446 (Small)Something that has helped make my experience even more positive are the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made. I think it’s good for you to meet new people your age who share the same hobbies and interest. I’ve been lucky enough to have met some people from Moia who I’m sure will be friends after I leave.

 All in all it’s been an EXPERIENCE! Which is what it’s all about. I love working at the school with the children but I also love coming home after school and relaxing and reflecting on the day’s events after all your only human and can’t work 24/7. For anyone interested in teaching and being involved in a different lifestyle than your own I think that this program is perfect for you.

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