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Col·legi Santa Anna – Lleida

 Col·legi Santa Anna is a school located in Lleida. This year they are hosting Sarah, from the UK, as their Conversation Assistant. Sarah works with students from 3 to 16 years old, who enjoy spending time and speaking English with her.

We thank Sarah and her tutor, Eva, for writing to us and also sending some wonderful photos!


 sarahmain2After graduating from Lancaster University with a degree in English Language and Linguistics, I wanted a chance to travel and experience a new culture, whilst putting my degree to some use.
CAPs has proved to be the perfect programme for me.
I am working at Santa Anna School in Lleida, Catalonia. My role within the school involves practicing conversation with small groups of students from each class; I am often extremely impressed with the level of English the students have! Other than teaching, I have been involved in some out of class activities, such as playing a demon in the Christmas performance of “Els Pastorets” alongside the 4th ESO students.

I have had no problems fitting in here, as I’ve been made to feel so welcome from day one. My host family are fantastic; I’ve been very lucky. I have learnt sarahmain4so much from them about culture and language here in Catalonia. I was very much thrown in at the deep end, having snails for my first meal! They have taught me how to cook typical foods such as prawn and crab soup, Spanish omelette and paella. In exchange I have made them typical English desserts such as Apple Crumble and White chocolate and winter berry cheesecake which have both been hits! The family always include me in their plans even at the weekends; we have such a laugh together and I feel I could go to them with any problem I may have. I truly feel part of the family.

Before arriving in Spain I was admittedly very apprehensive due to not knowing the language at all, and therefore not being able to communicate freely with everyone. It is difficult at times but I am picking up a lot more Spanish than I had anticipated (with lots of help from my host family) and I never really feel lonely here because there arether CAPs in Lleida who I meet on a regular basis and have become quite close to.
Also, the teachers in the school have all been very helpful and accommodating, and even the ones who cannot speak a lot of English always really make an effort with me.

I’ve had a truly fantastic experience so far and am excited to see what the next months have in store for me!



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