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Col·legi Virolai – Molins de Rei

Col·legi Virolai, in Molins de Rei, has joined the Programa Auxiliars de Conversa for the first time this year. Their English conversation assistant, Victoria, comes from the UK and works with students in Infant and Primary school. Both students and teachers, as well as Victoria, are enjoying the experience and making the most of it. We leave you with Victoria’s views on the program and some photos. Thank  you for writing, Victoria & her tutor M. Carmen!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe very first day I arrived in Molins De Rei I knew I would love it and have some very new exciting experiences.

The first day I arrived and was introduced to my host family and on that very same day it was the town’s festival. This included a massive camel on fire and the whole town had to run away from the camel and afterwards there was a big celebration. From that day on I knew I was not in Newcastle anymore.

I chose to do the CAPS program as I was not sure if I wanted to pursue teaching after university and therefore I wanted to gain some experience while at the same time I wanted to travel and experience a different culture and CAPS gives you the perfect opportunity for this.

I am a conversational assistant at Col·legi Virolai in Molins De Rei. It is about 15 minutes outside Barcelona. The school education starts from kindergarten to primary and secondary education.  However, I am mostly with the primary students with the children varying in ages from 6-12. I do English lessons with the teachers and also take P.E lessons.  Since I have arrived everyone has been welcoming and have been so nice, generous and supportive.PHOTO 1

I feel like I have gained a lot of experience being here for 5 months and it is very rewarding when you see the children expanding their very own English vocabulary and knowing somehow you played a part in that. I have to say though some of my favourite classes would be in kindergarten as they get so excited when they see you or you happen to say your favourite colour is the same as theirs. They are always wanting to play with you and participate in the classes. I have also participated in outside the classroom going on school trips, one of them being to Montserrat which I thought was beautiful. Also it is not just the children who want to practice their English with you, the teachers want to as well and they try.

MONTSERRRATI was a bit worried about living with a family at the start as I am used to living with friends at University. However living with a family has been with one of the greatest experiences I have ever had and I would not change it. It is amazing how you can only know someone for 12 weeks and get a long so great and get attached.  You really get to know the people and they get to know you and you share your traditions and they share theirs and in Catalonia they are crazy fun. These are the people; the families, the teachers, my tutor and the friends that I have met here that has made it so much more of a positive experience for me.  I know when my time comes to an end here in Molins de Rei I am going to be very sad but I know I will still stay in contact with the people I have met here and I will always have my memories. After all it is an experience and I love working at the school and seeing the children every day.


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