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Escola Verge de la Salut – St. Feliu de Llobregat

Jessica has been a conversation assistant at Escola Verge de la Salut for almost 5 months, working in Infant school and Primary alongside her tutor, Olga. She has worked hard to “get the children excited about learning English”, in her own words, which is the true aim of this program.

Thank you for writing!


I have really enjoyed my time at the school and on the program and have meet a lot of exciting new people and learned much.

At the school I have been working with the infantile and primary and this has involved working in a variety of different ways across ages 3 – 13.  With the infantile I have been assiting in getting the children engaged in games, stories and songs to help with simple English vocabulary. With the lower primary levels I have again been mainly working with English teacher using songs, games and stories but also composing worksheets and thinking of other interactive excercises to get the children involved and excited about learning English.

Telling a story to a group of P5

Whilst working with leves 3 and 4, I have taken half the class (groups of 12-13 children) to practice using conversation in a more fluid and confident manner, using slightly more complex vocabulary and basic introducing grammar.  I have used many ideas to run these classes such as photographic stimulation for conversation topics etc.  In higher primary I´m working again mainly with the teacher (but also taking small groups out, and controlling the whole class), we have developed pronounciation skills as well as created listening excercises which have improved student confidence in using the language greatly.

This experience has been fantastic, and open up many opportunities for me in the future!

Jessica and Olga.