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Escola Vedruna Berga

We have received this e-mail from Cassidy, a Conversation Assistant staying at Escola Vedruna in Berga. Thank you!


Hello, my name is Cassidy and I’m working in Escola Vedruna Berga. The town of Berga is a lovely place about an hour and a half out of Barcelona. Situated in the mountains, I’m surrounded by picturesque views and a brilliant atmosphere.

My role as Conversation Assistant in the school means I take groups of students from their usual English classes and practice speaking and pronunciation with them. In order to do this I get them involved in a number of different activities aimed at getting them speaking as much English as possible. I find this job to be very rewarding, seeing the proud look on the student’s faces when they say something correctly. Learning a third language (as they are also taught both Catalan and Spanish) is not always an exciting prospect for children, especially of primary school age, however I have found that they all enjoy having the opportunity of speaking to a native English speaker.

As the ‘English girl’ I have gained popularity both inside and outside of the school. I am constantly greeted by smiling children with shouts of ‘Hello Cassidy!’ whether walking through the school or just walking down the street. I have been made to feel very welcome at the school by all the teachers, students and staff. I have also really enjoyed being involved in school celebrations, especially at Christmas when the whole school put together a nativity scene which takes place throughout the school and involves all the students dressing up and delivering short performances for their section of the scene.

During the first three months out here I have met some of the friendliest and funniest people you could ever wish to meet. I am staying with the English teacher from the school and think this has helped me settle in a lot as she is always there to help me and answer any questions. I am very lucky as my host family have done everything possible to welcome me in to their family and all of their friends and family have welcomed me as well. I have become great friends with the couple and their daughter has soon become like a little sister to me. I have really enjoyed all the family activities I have been involved in including family celebrations, trips to the beach, the mountains and even a holiday in Seville where I was introduced to even more family members all just as friendly and welcoming.

I have soon found myself adapting to the Catalan way of life. The two different languages can sometimes be confusing but I’m surprised at how quickly I’ve begun to pick up Catalan and understand a lot more of what people are saying (just by listening to everyday conversations) despite studying Spanish. I have really enjoyed my first months here and I am looking forward to the next six months ahead. It is a very rewarding experience and there is no better way to experience a culture than living with a native family.