Escoles PAC 2013-14
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PAC Escoles

Col·legi Dr. Masmitjà
Col·legi Padre Damián
Mare de Déu de la Mercè
FEP Sant Lluís Gonçaga
Cardenal Vidal i Barraquer
Escola Vedruna Tona
Mare de Déu del Carme
Jesús Maria (Badalona)
Jesús Maria (Sant Gervasi)
Jesús Maria Sant Andreu
Col·legi Sant Vicenç
Col·legi La Presentació
Col·legi Escorial Vic
Col·legi Maria Auxiliadora
Escola Assís
La Salle Manresa
Escola Pia Igualada
Escola Pia Tàrrega
Maristes Valldemia
FEDAC Santa Coloma
Col·legi SIL
Escola Pia Terrassa
Escola Infant Jesús
Col·legi Ntra. Sra. del Carme
Lestonnac Barcelona
Mare del Diví Pastor - Capellades
Col·legi Parroquial Sant Feliu
Col·legi Claver
La Salle Bonanova
Lestonnac L'Ensenyança - Lleida
Jesús Maria Claudina Thévenet
La Salle Gràcia
La Salle Sant Celoni
Escolàpies Sant Martí
Maristes Igualada
FEDAC Manresa
Escola Pia Balmes
Col·legi Pare Coll - Girona
FEDAC Ripollet
Escola Pia Sarrià Calassanç
Maristes Girona
Escola del Carme - Sabadell
Escola Pia Santa Anna - Mataró
Col·legi Sant Josep - St. Hilari Sacalm
Escola Pia Balaguer
Escolàpies El Masnou
FEDAC Cerdanyola
Vedruna Sallent
Col·legi La Merced
FEDAC St. Andreu
Col·legi Claret - Barcelona
Escola Arrels
Escola Pia Moià
Cor de Maria - Sant Celoni
CE Valldaura
La Salle Figueres
Maristes Champagnat Badalona
Col·legi Mare del Diví Pastor - Sabadell
Col·legi Sagrada Família - Lleida
Jesuïtes Sarrià
Col·legi El Carme - Vilafranca del Penedès
La Salle Girona
Col·legi Mare Janer - Andorra
Escola Pia - Vilanova i la Geltrú
Sagrat Cor de Jesús - Tarragona
Escola Cervetó - Granollers
Escola Sagrats Cors - Centelles
Escola Anna Mogas - Granollers
Escola Pàlcam
FEDAC Lleida
Vedruna El Carme - St. Sadurní d'Anoia
FEDAC Anglès
Pureza de María - St. Cugat
Col·legi Sant Josep - Barcelona
Fund. Privada Voramar - Barcelona
Col·legi St. Genís i Sta. Agnés
Ntra. Sra. de Montserrat - Olesa
La Salle Montcada
FEDAC Pineda
Col·legi Santa Anna - Lleida
FEDAC Castellar
Centre López Vicuña
FEDAC Monistrol
FEDAC Montcada
Verge de la Salut - St. Feliu de Llobregat
Santíssima Trinitat - Barcelona
FEDAC Amílcar - Barcelona
Maristes Rubí
FEDAC Gironella
St. Antoni de Pàdua - Mataró
Sagrat Cor Sarrià - Barcelona
Col. Maria Immaculada - Tremp
Col. M. de Déu de la Salut - Sabadell
Col·legi Ramon Pont - Terrassa
Col·legi Episcopal - Lleida
Col·legi St. Josep - St. Sadurní d'Anoia
Escoles Minguella - Badalona
FEDAC St. Vicenç
Escola Tabor - Sta. Perpètua de Mogoda
Sagrada Família - Escaldes-Engordany
FEDAC Pont Major
M. de Déu del Carme - Tarragona
Pare Enric d'Ossó - L'Hospitalet de Ll.
Col·legi Virolai - Molins de Rei
La Salle Sta. Coloma de Farners
St. Antoni M. Claret - Cornellà de Ll.
Escola Pia Granollers
Col·legi Pare Manyanet - Barcelona
Escola Pia Caldes
Escolàpies Figueres
Josep Tous - Barcelona
Col·legi El Carme - Lleida
Escola Parroquial Ntra. Sra. de Montserrat
Escola Immaculada - Barcelona
Vedruna Artés
Salesians St. Vicenç dels Horts
M. de Déu de Lourdes - Mataró
Fundació Llor


Mare de Déu de la Mercè (Sant Feliu de Llobregat)

Hi from Mare de Déu de la Mercè in Sant Feliu de Llobregat.

My name is Michelle and I’m a Conversational Assistant working with primary and secondary school students. I arrived in Barcelona the 25th of  September on a Saturday where I met my host family. At first I felt a little bit  anxious. I couldn’t speak a word of Spanish and I didn’t really know what I was getting myself  into but I soon discovered they were very welcoming and that a member of my host family had even spent a year in my hometown learning english in Ireland!

However, the area I was living in was a bit remote, something which was completely new to me, as I came from city. I had to learn to adapt, as my school was located in an hour from where I was living….the mornings a 6.30 am was something I had not seen before!

Every morning I have to travel for an hour, by car and train to my school. At first this was was very difficult, but after two to three weeks I adjusted to the early mornings and to the long days at my school.

My school´s system was completely different to the irish schools too; primary and secondary students were in the same building and all classes lasted for one hour. The hours were completely different too, I had a longer day, starting at nine and finishing  at five, with a two hour luch to break up the day.

However, even though the majority teachers did not speak a lot of english, they were all very warming and made an effort to make me feel at ease, with the english they had. The students were all very friendly too, and most of them also made an effort  to speak to me too as much as they could with the english they also had!

My job here is to try and talk to the students as much as possible in english, through oral activities such as games with the assistance of the english teachers at the school. I have to say I do prefer the older kids as you can do much more with them and the time in the classes goes much faster! At first I was not  sure what exactly I had to do within the classroom but after a week or two I adjusted to my timetable with the help of the teachers and knew exactly what was expected from me by the teachers I worked alongside.

The different food and eating times was something which I found the toughest to adapt to….The big meal at luch time and  the late dinners in the evenings……However, as I said before with time I adjusted! Now I am enjoying this experience a lot….Im meeting lots of new people, getting to really know the kids individually and I have also started a spanish course online. I know this year will go too fast!

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